“Chandler has come a long with processing information and being able to give the correct out put. Ms. Moore is really great with Chandler and was very patient when dealing with my very busy schedule.” ——-Chandler’s P. Dad


“He (Christopher) doesn’t stutter as much as he used to and he speaks much clearer than before. They (MCC staff) seem to care about helping my son improve his speech problems. They are patient and eager to help my child.” —–Christopher’s T. Mom


“Ms. Denise’s style was fun and relaxed. Miles enjoyed the activities. The “homework” helped to reinforce what he learned. It’s great that this service is covered by my insurance.”——Miles’ H. Mom


 Speech Coaching 

Samantha P. 

Bank Executive

Tameka C.

Federal Government Employer

Barbara S.


Accent Modification Coaching

Nadine P.

Clinical Social Worker


Leslie A.

Administrator Assistant