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Get Clear…Get Confidence…Get Heard

Are you struggling to be understood, struggling to get your words out clearly, or having problems speaking up at work and you’re not sure how to get better? Are you seeking to: enhance your speech and vocal skills; improve your listening and understanding; increase self-confidence and self-esteem; elevate your individual image? Then Professional Speech Coaching is for you.


Screenings are conducted to determine if professional speech assessment and speech coaching is needed.


In order to determine a professional speech coaching plan, all aspects of spoken speech and language skills, such as articulation, vocal, and non-verbal language skills are assessed.


Individualized coaching sessions will address the following areas identified by the assessment that needs improvement.


The Speech Coach consults with the client in order to provide guidance to determine an appropriate plan of action.


Whether you’re new to giving speeches or are a seasoned presenter, these tips will help you perfect your skills. Get quick and easy tips for how to prepare and present speech, use visual aids and props, include nonverbal, body language into your presentations, and more. With the right tools, you’re sure to see improvement in your ability to communicate and an increase in your confidence in no time.

If you host a special event, you may be required to introduce speakers. Try these quick tips for delivering thoughtful speaker introductions:
1. Don’t steal the show by making the introduction too long (60 seconds or less is sufficient), or by speaking on a topic that is in no way related to the speaker.
2. Grab the audience’s attention with a great opening. This can be an inspiring quote, a humorous anecdote, or an impressive milestone the speaker has achieved.
3. Briefly mention the topic the speaker is addressing, but don’t reveal too much about his or her speech.
Establish the speaker’s authority and expertise. This information will help solidify with the audience the speaker’s credibility as a subject matter expert.


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