Unless otherwise advertised, our professional trainings qualify for continuing education credit with MSDE’s Office of Child Care (Approval # CKO-3400) and with DC’s Office of the State Superintendent of Education (Approval # 031-W11).

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Look Who’s Talking: Speech, Language & Hearing Development

(COK-Child Growth & Dev.,1.5 hrs / Special Needs, 1.5 hrs)

Participants will gain knowledge, skills and learn techniques for implementing developmentally appropriate practices that encourage speech, language and hearing development. Participants will also learn to…

– distinguish between components of communication terminology.

– identify typical speech and language developmental milestones.

– identify early signs of speech, language and hearing delays.

– develop strategies to promote speech and language development.




Language Sense: Promoting Language through Sensory Stimulation

(COK-Child Growth & Development, 3.5 hrs)

Researchers have found that there are many benefits to using sign language with infants and young children who have normal hearing. Sign language in the early childhood environment…

– serves as a building block to early language and reading readiness;

– gives young children another form of expression;

– enhances problem-solving skills;

– promotes emotional well-being and self-esteem.



Speaking Hands

Sign language is beneficial for all children, regardless of cultural or language backgrounds.This course is designed to show participants how to introduce and integrate sign language into their daily classroom routines.

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