Meet Dr. Denise

Get Clear & Get Confident

Dr. Denise Moore Revel is passionate about communication. She understands the direct impact communication has on several areas of a child's or adult's life. As founder and CEO of Moore Communication Connections, she has create a company that is devoted to empowering children and adults gain clarity, get confidence, and get heard for their brilliance.
For over twenty years, Dr. Denise has:
 trained early childhood educators on the foundations of speech and language development
 trained school-based teachers and staff on creating language-based educational environments that promoted academic, social, and emotional excellence for their students
 provided trainings and workshops for parents, whose children abilities range from exceptionally gifted to special needs, in helping them develop and enhances their children's speech and language skills
 provided speech coaching to professionals, such as attorneys, social workers, customer service specialists, on the essentials of public speaking and business communication
 provided practical and effective accent modification training for adults who wanted to advance their education and professional careers

Success Equation

Dr. Denise realizes that her education and training is only part of the equation to her success. The part that makes Denise able to help her clients succeed is her ability to take the education and training she received and create practical, effective solutions that work for each individual client. Through years of hands-on experience with children and adults, Dr. Denise learned to use a variety of evidence-based strategies that make improving speech and language skills possible.
Dr. Denise has been certified by the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) since 1996. She received her bachelor degree in speech-language pathology and masters degree in communication sciences and disorders. Dr. Denise received a doctoral degree in human services with a specialized focus on counseling clients from diverse backgrounds.

Staff & Consultants

Dr. Denise realizes that her success comes from having a staff of highly qualified and dedicated staff and consultants working with her. Her staff and consultants share her same passion for helping children and adults reach their highest communication goals.