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Get Clear…Get Confidence…Get Heard

Are you a doctor, nurse, attorney, or college professor who gets frustrated because people are not understanding you because of your accent and are constantly asking you to repeat yourself? Then Accent Modification Coaching is for you.


Screenings are conducted to determine if Accent Modification Assessment and Accent Modification Coaching is needed.


In order to determine an Accent Modification Coaching plan, all aspects of spoken speech and language skills, such as articulation, vocal, and non-verbal language skills are assessed.

Accent Modification Coaching

Individualized coaching sessions will address the following areas identified by the assessment that needs improvement.


The Speech Coach consults with the client in order to provide guidance to determine an appropriate plan of action.

Get Heard for Your Brilliance

Although you know that you are good at what you do, you realize people are more focused on your accent than what you know and what you’re trying to say. These communication problems have negative effects on your job performance, educational success, and everyday social activities. Accent modification training, also known as Accent Reduction Training, is a tool for improving accented speech pronunciation in order to help a person speak more clearly.

Are you ready to:
• increase your confidence when speaking English in professional and personal interactions;
• be more effective at communicating with co-workers, friends, clients, business associates, and others;
• have speech clarity;
• improve presentation skills;
• decrease confusion and frustration of other people that they are speaking with you;
• have fewer mistakes and miscommunication;
• decrease in the number of times you need to repeat yourself when speaking on the phone?

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